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In a world of AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), Robotics and cutting-edge innovations the need for equipping our youths today with the required skill-sets to match with the demands of these times cannot be over-emphasized. Our business environment needs new solutions to thrive in these times and we are the ones to give birth to these solutions. Covenant Polytechnic has brazed up to the challenge and has built a system that will not only position our students to be players in todays world but we equip them with the required skill-set to birth solutions that’ll help our businesses thrive and excel.  We are not just raising top-notch leaders of tomorrow, but we are positioning them to take their place in this 4th industrial revolution. STEP BY STEP, BRICK BY BRICK, WE BUILD.


Covenant polytechnic is a skillful and innovative institution committed to enhancing quality manpower development and acquisition of skill for the youth for the purpose of being self-reliance.

The polytechnic was founded in 2005 and has received its accreditation from the federal government through National Board For technical Education (NBTE).

Covenant polytechnic is an autonomous institution with the view of producing quality students and has based its vision on research into new discovery, Technological innovation and Creativity, Manpower development towards re-engineering the Nation Economically, Socially and Politically.

The institution offer wild range of services running through research and training in Applied Science, Technology, Commerce, Business Management and other field of learning as may be determined from time to time with regards to Abia State in particular and the Federation in general with particular emphasis in middle level manpower.

The Polytechnic is located in the commercial city of Aba, Abia State. The city is known for its commercial nature; where buying and selling take place.

The cream of businessmen in Aba ranges from exporter, Importer, Industrialist and manufacturers. The business activities in Aba attracts nearby countries like Cameroon, Ghana, Togo and Benin Republic.

Special products from Aba are Shoes, Bags, Suits, Leather, Textiles and fairly used clothes. The Polytechnic has impacted positively in the lives of the people of Aba. There is great change and awareness in the attitude of the people in the City now compared with the past years.

The enlightenment, awareness and orientation in the city is effective as it has show in their culture and ways of life.

The Polytechnic has two Campuses in Aba, Campus I located at 168 Aba/Owerri Road, while Campus II is located at Okpulu-Umobo, three (3) Kilometers away from Campus I

The Polytechnic has recruited cream of qualified, proved and tested lecturers to ensure quality standard of education for the students


Covenant Polytechnic permanent’s site is located at Umuogbo village, Owerrinta, in Isialangwa south local Government of Abia state.

The permanent site bordering between Ngor Okpala, Imo State and owerrinta, Abia state and has within its catchment area the following states, Rivers, Imo, Enugu and Akwa-Ibom State.

The Polytechnic is centrally located amongst other States and federal Polytechnics: Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri; IMT Enugu, River State Polytechnic Bori, and Akwa - Ibom Polytechnic including Abia State polytechnic


Welcome to Covenant Polytechnic, an institution designed for Research, Train, and Develop manpower for acquisition of skill. We welcome you into the field of future leaders, who will stand the test of time to re-engineer our nation politically, Socially and Economically.

This institution is known for its quality and standard of education, it is not for “never do well”. We therefore encourage you to start early and be committed to your studies.

Students who perform poorly are warned, and if that continuous such student is withdrawn from the Institution. The Polytechnic has several facilities and equipments for your studies, avail yourself of the opportunity by carefully using them.

The Polytechnic offers Two (2) types of programme, the Regular and Part-Time programmes. Students are expected to identify with the particular programme they want to run as they complete the application. While Regular have their face to face lecture at designated place or Campus, the Online/Part-Time students receive their lectures Online.

With the Online Programme you are guaranteed prompt lecture and materials. There will be 100% lecture on the Internet to equip you for the award of prestigious National and Higher National Diploma of the Polytechnic respectively. Covenant Polytechnic has one of the best Internet Programme in the world. It is the only Polytechnic or Institution that offer Interactive lecture on the Internet on real time. As a student you are entitled to academic adviser for guidance. Your Head of Department is also there to monitor your performance; you must make the Internet your companion as to benefit from the Programme


Provisional Admission is given to Candidates with relevant entry qualifications into the Polytechnic. Admissions are offered in two (2) categories:-

  • Full Time Programme: is offered to those students who posses the required qualification and will take their lectures at the Main Campus
  • Part – Time or Online Programme is offered to those Candidates who posses the required entry qualification for admission into National Diploma and Higher National Diploma


Candidates for Full Time or Part- Time must posses Five (5) credit passes including English and Mathematics for National Diploma Programme.


  • 3 Copies of O'Level Result
  • 3 Copies of Jamb Result
  • 3 Copies of State /Local Government of Origin
  • 3 Copies of Certificate of Birth or Declaration of age
  • 3 Copies of Attestation / Recommendation Letter
  • 3 Copies of Medical Test Result (Medical Test to be conducted in the school Clinic)
  • Eight (8) Recent Coloured Passport Photograph

Those of Higher National Diploma must possess SSCE Result with National Diploma (ND) result from recognized Higher Institution.


  • 3 Copies of O'Level Result
  • 3 Copies of National Diploma (ND) Result
  • 3 Copies of State /Local Government of Origin
  • 3 Copies of Certificate of Birth or Declaration of age
  • 3 Copies of Attestation / Recommendation Letter
  • 3 Copies of Medical Test Result (Medical Test to be conducted in the school Clinic)
  • Eight (8) Recent Coloured Passport Photograph


Candidates can complete admission Form Online or Download the Form from the Polytechnic Web Site: - www.covenantpolytechnic.com. Candidates must carefully complete the form by attending to every information on it, especially E-mail, Phone No:, Mode of Study and Choice of Programme

For Full-Time students completed forms must be forwarded to the Registrar – Covenant Polytechnic, 168 Aba/Owerri Road, Globe House, Abayi Aba, Abia State and can as well be completed and submitted On-line through Internet.

For Part – Time, the form can be completed and submitted On-line through Internet. The form will be processed within two (2) days and the status of your admission will be sent to your e-mail


Aptitude test is conducted for those candidates that did not write JAMB, at the Main Campus for the Full Time Candidates. The same category of students who applied on Part – Time will write their aptitude objective test on the internet on a stipulated date.


Registration involves completing necessary forms and paying relevant fees in both the registry and your department; see fees schedule. You have to register in both the Department and Registry, you cannot be considered as a student until all the processes of registration are completed. After registration, you will obtain your I.D Card and Registration Number or Matriculation Number


Full Time: Students are required to open two (2) files excluding their personal file, one (1) file for the registry and the other for the HOD. The files must contain the following:

  • Admission Letter
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Photocopy of Credentials
  • Photocopy of Local Government of Origin/ State
  • Certificate of Birth or Declaration of age
  • Receipt for purchase of Form
  • Receipt of Payment of Fees
  • Course Form
  • HOD Clearance
  • Two (2) Passport Photograph

All these constitute complete file that must be with H.O.D and Registrar’s Office


Both admission and course forms will be completed Online. The system will not accept your submission except complete payment for the stipulated amount is made at the designated Bank and the Code entered. After payment the above documentations should be scanned into the system to enable the office build your file. Please note that it will be difficult to process your file without the above information.


Payment schedule will be released to every student and every payment will be made to Diamond Bank or UBA

1. UBA
Account Name: Covenant Polytechnic
Account No.:………………………………

2. Diamond Bank
Account Name: Covenant Polytechnic
Account No.:………………………………

Full Time: Cash payment must be made directly into Covenant Polytechnic School Account and Teller submitted to the school Bursar for receipt before submission of completed file to either Registrar or HOD

Part – Time/Online: Scan copies of all payment to Covenant Polytechnic Bursar. While other documents should be scanned to the registrar – Covenant Polytechnic, Aba to enable registry process your file


Covenant Polytechnic has two (2) Libraries: - one at Campus I for Science and Technology Students and the other in Campus II for Business students. Both libraries are housing more than four thousand (4,000) volumes and Journal

The capacity of both libraries is Two hundred and fifty seats (250) – campus one has one hundred seats (100) while Campus II has one hundred and fifty seats (150).

Both full –Time and Part – Time students can access the E-library. The Polytechnic has the plan of setting up Zonal Centre for its student to access information from the office and there will be Mini – Library and e - Library installed in the Centres

Over view services

  • A
    • i. Reserved Book
    • ii. Data Base
    • iii. List of Titles
    • iv. Library Card/ Membership
  • B
    • i. Lending Procedure
    • ii. Inter Library Programme
    • iii. Library Services
    • iv. Distance Education Services


Covenant Polytechnic Programmes are either Full –Time or Part – Time. Students are expected to indicate during the completion of forms for either Full – Time or Part –Time /Online

  • i. Full – Time students are to take lecture in the Main Campus through face to face approach
  • ii. Part Time – Weekend Programme at the Main Campus is also face to face but only on weekends: - Saturday and Sunday
  • iii. Online students will take lectures on the Internet with their materials DownLoaded promptly
  • i. FULL – TIME: These are regular students who met with Lectures and take lectures in the Lectures Hall between Mondays and Fridays
  • ii. PART - TIME: These are students who attend lectures during weekends at their various centres
  • iii. ONLINE: these are students who take lecture at their leisure and can assess the Internet anytime within five days of Uploading the lecture material
The programme is taught by Lecturers from different background, tested and proven to be in top form

That is the assurance we have in offering you quality and standard education. We are convinced that what you are taught is what the employer’s of labour want their employee to know

Seminars are presented by students weekly through the guidance of the academic adviser or HOD

You will determine whether to accelerate or decelerate your workload. You are to determine the fate of your programme. However, you are advised not to accumulate your work load or assignment as it will way you down

The Online Programme has been designed to allow you study at your capacity, considering the office load

Students of Part – Time and Online Programme are expected to submit accurate contact to enable them receive course material from the Main Campus especially Part – Time student. Online students are expected to access their lecture within five (5) working days of hosting as such lecture topics will be replaced with new topics on the Internet weekly.

Students who have been offered admission and have registered are expected to commence lectures on the ------- December, 2016 for Full-Time students while Part – Time students starts January, 2017

Registration last for two (2) weeks from the date of commencement for both Full – Time and Part – Time / Online Programmes.

Detailed academic programme to be published later


To ensure that students are committed to this programme the Polytechnic Management ensures that adequate lectures and assignments are given to especially Part – Time and Online students to justify the award of their Diploma certificate

Assignments are attached to every topic of the Module which is expected to be solved and submitted to academic Adviser or Tutor for assessments and score. There will be a continuous feed back from your Lectures or Tutors as to improve where necessary

What constitutes 100% of your study are as follows

  • Practical Exam 30%
  • Objective Exams 30%
  • Assignments 20%
  • Quiz / Seminar 20%
  • Total: 100%

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